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Ambiguity and Interface: Art Across the Spectrum explores relationships between art objects that are customarily categorized as either fine art or craft. The traditional reference to an art work as being a “craft” was customarily used to describe utilitarian objects that fulfilled simple domestic needs like cups and teapots — however, the common forms of functional hand made objects have often been appropriated by artists to create works of fine art that are not expected to serve a functional purpose.

The viewer is invited to make comparisons and discover how artists working in a variety of mediums and disciplines use color, design and form in similar ways, blurring the distinction between art and craft. Perhaps these terms of classification are no longer relevant to contemporary art-making in general?

This exhibition was co-curated by Ray Kass, Adjunct Curator of Southeastern American Art and guest-curator, Dr. Howard Risatti, author of Theory Craft, University of North Carolina Press.

When:? Friday, August 23, 2013 – Saturday, January 25, 2014

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