• I'm delighted to announce that I'll be participating in the 7th annual RVA Clay Studio Tour again this year! The 2024 RVA Clay Studio Tour features 21 unique clay artist

  • The Pitcher is an integral piece displaying bright colors against a black ground. Yellow bands and white and blue bands reinforce the structure by spiraling around the neck up to

  • The 1992 Platter (2.5" x 14" x 14") boasts a striking presence. Bold black dominates three-quarters of its surface, leaving a rich brown quarter canvas for dynamic imagery. Celadon green

  • Glass establishes in his glazed surfaces a reverent, nearly abyss-deep environment while simultaneously inserting his visiting animated shapes as intimate nearby as a floater in one’s eye.
    ~ Deborah McLeod, Curator

    steven glass ceramics

    All these adventures, struggles, and successes are part of having a life in art, something that is not based on fame or monetary success, but about making a life that has some overriding value that transcends such things.

    ~ Howard Risatti, Curator, Steven Glass Retrospective: Turning Points In Clay/A Life In Art

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